How To Get Your Puppy To Stop Biting

The Biting Problem

This is an issue that many puppy owners face. It’s important to know from the beginning that your puppy doesn’t realize what it is doing is wrong. The puppy could think it is playing with you, for example, when you try to pet him/her. The goal here is to show the puppy what is okay and what isn’t. It’s also important to get your puppy used to touch since you don’t want other people trying to pet your puppy and your puppy chomping on their fingers. It can really be a pain, especially with those sharp new puppy teeth. OUCH!

Puppy biting on toyThe first way to deal with this involves you rewarding the puppy with food. In other words, you give the puppy a treat to get what you want.

  1. You want to have the treat in your hand within a fist so the puppy can smell it but not take it immediately from you.
  2. Keep your hand in place and if the puppy tries to bite just try to avoid, use your other hand to form a stop signal as a barrier in front of the puppy if you have to keep the puppy from getting the treat.

Stop dog

3. The goal is to get the puppy to sit still

4. Once you reach this stage, you give the puppy a treat to reinforce the idea that this is okay.

5. You want to continue doing this to get the puppy accustomed and you can have the treat in an open palm once you have done it a couple of more times.


It is also important to let your puppy know what it is allowed to bite. You want to have a couple of toys for this. Play tug of war with the puppy for a bit and then make it uninteresting by holding the toy in one place until the puppy releases it. Then reward the puppy with a treat. You can also use another toy as the reward instead of a treat.

In this video Zak George from Dog Training rEvolution, shows the process: