How To Potty Train Your Puppy

Potty Training 101

No Puppy Pooping here

Potty training a puppy can appear to be a troublesome task. Fear not, consistency is what works and gets you where you want to be.

First of all, you want your puppy to associate the area you don’t want to be soiled as the “clean” area. The “outside” area is where you want your puppy to do their business. If your puppy happens to soil the “clean” area then just clean it up and do not discipline your puppy in an inappropriate manner. Carpets have a tendency to get spoiled since a dog will believe it as appropriate¬†“turf”. It is good to have a designated spot inside with puppy pads or newspaper if you are planning to train indoors.

Keep a schedule to have a general idea of the time when your puppy is ready to go. Puppies need to go after they sleep or nap, eat, exit their crate, and play around.  The period after is usually about 10-15 minutes. Basing your schedule around this, should you narrow down a time. Eventually, you will be able to tell when your friend needs to go use the potty.

If your puppy is not yet vaccinated and you are hesitant to let her go outside, then you can use puppy pads inside your home. You should move the puppy pads closer outside, while you are training your puppy, so he/she can begin to associate going outside with taking care of business.

You should plan to make frequent trips to a potty pad after your puppy plays around. You can try every ten minutes or so and see if your puppy will go to the bathroom on command by saying a phrase. If your puppy does, then be sure to reward him/her with a treat to reinforce the behavior.

One of Cesar Millan’s head trainers, Todd Langsten, explains this in video: